What When Whom How Who Documents
Type of communication (internal or external) What information is communicated? (e.g. Policy, requirement, procedure, instructions, incident etc.)


Frequency of the communication
(Date, month, Quarterly, Time)


Who is the intended audience for the communication?
(e.g. suppliers, employers, board, clients, legal bodies etc.)


Method of communication
(e.g. verbal, non-verbal & meetings)


Who is responsible for this communication?


Records or related documents of this communication (e.g. Meeting minutes, recall notice, company announcements, training material etc.)


1. Internal and External Response to enquiries / suggestions Clarity of request or wish and full disclosure of what is required. Free i)         Verbal enquiries within a day

ii)       Electronic enquiries within two (2) days

iii)      Postal enquiries within seven (7) days

Secretary and Administrator Copy of letters and any other response document
2. Internal Developing content and updating the University website As per the university communication policy Free Within 24hrs upon approval COD Documented records and the Website
3. Internal and External Marketing of the University programmes and events using various mediums Approved programmes and admission schedules from the responsible schools As per the approved budget Within three (3) days of approval COD/ Marketing Team Brochures/ Website or any other relevant marketing document
4. Internal Admission of Students Diploma C-; Degree C+; Master Degree – Bachelor’s degree at 1st or 2nd Upper Class or other qualification considered equivalent by Senate, and; Ph.D. – relevant Master’s degree. Application fee payment receipts/evidence for: Diploma; Bachelors;  Masters & PhD Within 8 weeks of close of the advert Administrator/COD Minutes and Summary of admitted students
5. Internal Teaching and examinations Registration to relevant Programme. Class attendance. Proof of payment of fees clearance. As per the CUK teaching guidelines and examination policy As per Semester schedules, Teaching Timetable and workload. Examination Coordinator and COD Syllabus Coverage, Course Outline, Exam Moderation Tools and documents
 6. Internal Issuance of results slips on successful Completion of semester free Twenty (20) working days after the senate board of examiners approval Administrator and Secretary Issuance Register
7. Internal Issuance of Academic Transcripts Completion of academic year Free Thirty (30) working days after the end of academic year senate board of examiners approval Administrator and Secretary Issuance Register
11. Internal Achievement of Quality Objectives Quarterly Free Quarterly COD Minutes, documents and Reports
12. Internal Achievement of Performance Contracting targets Quarterly Free Quarterly COD Minutes, documents and Reports