Co-operative University of Kenya public information page as per the Commission on Administrative Justice guideline.

The following officers have been appointed as Access to Information Officers of the CUK as per the Access to Information Act, 2016, under PART III, 7 (2) to perform such duties as stipulated in the said Act.

Mwongela Mikwa, MPRSK – Main Campus-

Kimani Ezekiel – – Meru campus

Loyce Njira Japhet – Mombasa campus

Elizabeth Kache Ngumbao – Nairobi campus   

The following officers constitute the Complaints handling and Resolution Committee of The Co-operative University of Kenya as per the 2017/18 Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) guidelines

  Name Department/section Responsibility
1.       Chris Kathoka Finance, Planning &Administration Member/Chairperson
2.       Lucinda Mugaa Dean of students member
3.       Langat Korir Security Member
4.       Mwongela Mikwa Public Relations & Marketing Member/ Secretariat
5.       Dr. Michael Ngala Examinations office Member
6.       Kimani Ezekiel – Meru campus Member
7.       Loyce Njira Japhet Mombsasa campus Member
8.       Elizabeth Kache Ngumbao Nairobi campus Member