University Council

/University Council
  • The membership ,powers and functions of the council shall be as prescribed in section
    36 of the Act and Part III section 19 of the Charter of the Co-operative University of Kenya.
  • The Chairperson may convene a meeting of the council at least four(4)times in a year
    Or upon receiving a request for that purpose by at least a third of the members of the
    Council and call a meeting within 28days of receiving such a request.
  • The chairperson shall preside at all the meetings of the council. In the absence of the chairperson, the members present shall elect any person from amongst themselves to preside over the session.
  • Decisions of the council shall be by a simple majority vote of those present and entitled to provide that the chairperson of the council shall have casting vote in the event of a tie on any issue.
  • The council may, subject to such limitations as it may deem fit, delegate any of its powers or duties to the chairperson or to committees consisting of such members of the council and other persons as it may determine. The council may empower any such committees to act jointly with any committee appointed by the senate. The council shall not delegate to the chairperson or a committee, the power to approve without further reference to the council, the Annual Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure and Audited Accounts.
  • Subject to the Acts and these Statutes, the council may refer any financial matters affecting the academic policy of the University to the states for advice.
  • Where the council has delegated to a committee the functions of the financial nature, such committee shall not in turn delegated such functions to its chairperson, any member or particular members of the committee without the written approval of the council.
  • The council may establish such committee with membership and with such terms of references as it may deem fit. The following are the council committees for the time being and their membership and terms of reference are appended as of these Statues:i. Sealing Committee;
    ii. Finance ,Planning Development Committee;
    iii. Human Resource Management Committee;
    iv. Audit Committee;
    v. Ad Hoc Committee such as
    a. Statues Committee;
    b. And any other as the council may deem fit


  • The chairperson of the council shall not be an ex-officio member of the every committee of the council but shall not be chairperson of any such committee unless specifically so provided. The council shall nominate the chairperson of each council committee provided that in the absence of the chairperson of any such committee the members present consisting a quorum may elect a temporary chairperson from among them.
  • Unless the council otherwise determines, a quorum of any committee of the council shall be the nearest whole number above half membership of the committee.
  • The council shall cause minutes of its proceedings to be kept by the officer designated for that purpose and such minutes shall be confirmed, subject to any necessary amendment at a subsequent meeting.
  • Subject to the provisions of the charter and these statutes, the council shall have power to regulate by such means as it may deem fit its own procedure of meetings and that of any of its committee.