CDRI envisions being a Centre of Excellence in Co-operative Development, Research and innovations, Consultancy Services, Documentation, Publication and Information Dissemination.
To achieve this, the Division shall partner and collaborate with stakeholders and partners in the Co-operative sector to mobilize resources generate and disseminate significant knowledge through holistic Research and innovations for national and global development.
All Research and Extension activities undertaken by the Division shall be guided by the University core values of Co-operation, Equity, Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Quality & Excellence, Team work. The Division shall review its quality performance and regularly monitor and evaluate its activities.


  • To train 20 researchers on research skills by June 2018
  • To mobilize the faculty, school and institutes to attract Kshs 20Million through   development of   fundable proposals by June 2018.
  • To mobilize the faculty, schools and institutes to provide at least Five(5)Consultancy services by June 2018
  • To organize One (1) conference annually by June 2018.
  •  Establish an innovation and incubation  hub by June 2018
  •  To coordinate publication of 20 articles by faculty  annually by June 2018.
  •  To  establish Two(2) collaborations with partners by June 2018.