Service Delivery Charter

/Service Delivery Charter


We are committed to serve our clients in respect to work ethics, professional conduct and upholding human dignity.
S/No. Services Rendered Requirements Charges Timeline
 1. Customer service on arrival Nil Free 3 minutes
 2. Admission letter Degree Certificate

Master Certificate

Set minimum entry requirements

National ID

Free 1 Month
 3. Issuance of Exam Card Student ID Free Immediately
4. Release of Provisional Results Nil Free 6 weeks after examinations
5. Collection of semester result slip Student ID Free 1 Month after release of provisional results
6. Recommendation/Introductory Letters Student ID Free Immediately
7. Approval of Examiners for project and thesis











1 month after all the requirements are met

2 months after completion of requirements

8. Processing of Postgraduate

project and thesis

Fulfillment of all requirements Free 2 week
9. Final defense of postgraduate  thesis Nil Free 2 months after submission of thesis for examination
10 Preparation and release of  Graduation list Application Form Free Immediately after Senate Approval


    What When Whom How Who Documents
Type of communication (internal or external) What information is communicated? (eg Policy, requirement, procedure, instructions, incident etc.)


Frequency of the communication
(Date, month, Quarterly, Time)


Who is the intended audience for the communication?
(eg suppliers, employers, board, clients, legal bodies etc.)


Method of communication
(eg verbal, non-verbal & meetings)


Who is responsible for this communication?


Records or related documents of this communication (eg Meeting minutes, recall notice, company announcements, training material etc.)


1. Internal Audit Report Quarterly 1. Management





Director,BPS Report
2. Internal Minutes Quarterly MR Email Director,BPS Minutes
3. Internal Achievement of Quality Objectives Quarterly MR Email Director,BPS Report
4. Internal Achievement of Performance Quarterly 1.Management

2.PC Officer

Email Director,BPS Report