University Management Board

/University Management Board
  • There shall be a University Management Board Whose Membership and functions shall be as provided for in section 23 of the charter.
  • The university management board shall assist the vice chancellor in the day to day running of the university and shall in this respect , be responsible for:-

                 i. Efficient management of the human , physical and financial resources of the university;

                ii. Making proposals to the council and the senate on policies that have application across the entire institution;

                iii. Coordination of the university strategic and development plans;

                iv. Any other matters related to the management of the university.

  • The management board may, subject to such limitations as per provisions of the charter or the statutes delegate any of its powers or duties to the vice chancellor or to a committee as the management board shall deem appropriate. The management board shall determine the powers and functions of the committees established under these statues.
  • The management board shall meet at least once every fortnight and at any such meeting the quorum shall be half the members plus one.
  • The decisions of the management board shall be through voting by simple majority of members present and entitled to vote provided that of a tie, the chairperson shall have a casting vote.