Mr.Collins Brandon Otundo- The 5th and current president of The Co-operative University of Kenya Students Union (CUKSU) 2021/2022 

Mr. Otundo is a youth leader and is currently making in routes in national politics.He is patriot who believes in unity for the purpose of peaceful coexistence and movement for true and meaningful democracy.He is an entrepreneur who encourages innovation and invention for the purpose of national development.He also involves himself in Charity work being a member of Rotaract club international.He is the Chairperson of the Student Governing Council (SGC) of CUKSU for the year 2021/2022. He holds a Certificate in Co-operative Management and a diploma in cooperative management from The Co-operative University of Kenya and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Co-operative Business (Finance Option) and is in his 3rd year of study in the same University.He is well conversant with all matters involving the students since he has great rapport with other student leaders who also lead other institutions of which they tend to share alot of ideas for helpful meaning and cause for the comrades they are in charge of. 

Mr. Otundo woed the students during his campaign bid to be the president with his great manifesto and super articulation of words, his great popularity that he enjoys among comrades made it convenient and convincing for him and his fully assembled team to all ascend to power trauncing all the opponents who competed against them. Kudos to the team as they continue delivering the manifestos they promised the students. 

Through great consultation with the university administration for being a key listening partner in helping the students union and comrades at large, mentioning their endless efforts in ensuring  improvement of facilities to ensure the well being and comfort of students during their stay and even after as proud alumnis Mr. Otundo has captured the heart of the management through his resilience and hardwork for the comfortability of students and progress of all university agendas that he has to spearhead. 

I want to most sincerely thank all students for embracing democracy and entrusting my whole team with the task of serving them for the year 2021/2022. This is a chance of a lifetime and will forever remain a major landmark in our lives.We remain bounded as comrades with a unifying objective and purpose. God bless comrades! God bless the Co-operative University of Kenya!God bless our country Kenya!


Miss Maisha Abdijamil, Vice Chairperson of the Co-operative University of Kenya student Union (CUKSU) 2021/2022.

Miss Maisha Abdijamil, the current vice chairperson of the co-operative University of Kenya student Union (CUKSU) 2021/2022.

Maisha Abdijamil Mohamed is a fourth year student at the cooperative University of Kenya. She is the former gender and special needs secretary of the co-operative University of Kenya student Union (CUKSU) 2020/2021 and currently serving as the vice chairperson of the cooperative University of Kenya student Union (CUKSU) 2021/2022. She holds a diploma in social work and community development and is currently pursuing bachelors of community development.

She has served in different leadership capacities like; CUK ladies mentorship program in consultation with the office of the Dean of the students, Noorul Islam foundation, she is also a member of CUK drug and security workforce, Generation Unlimited Kikao upper Eastern; Marsabit, Moyale university Students’ Association (MUSA ), however she is also a member of CUK periodical editorial commission committee 2021.

As the Vice Chairperson CUKSU, she has served as the leader of business of the students governing councils (SGC) and the Congress. Her core role in the council is to advocate for the provision of high quality academic facilities resources and services for world class academic programs, she coordinates with the registrar academic affairs on


Academic issues, she also works closely with the students’ representation and the academic board with regards to academic matters facing the students in all the departments through the class representatives and the Congress persons and this has helped resolve departmental issues raised by students more efficiently at the departmental levels with the help of class representatives and congress representatives.

Thanks to all CUK fraternity for their undying support during my service, may God bless the co-operative University of Kenya!



Baraka Stephen-Secretary General of the Student Governing council.
Baraka Stephen is a 4th year student pursuing a Bachelors of commerce (accounting) at the Co-operative university of Kenya and is the current secretary general of the Student Governing council. Going by his famous name Super Duper SG, he is a voice of the comrades since he presents students grievances to the sgc and also ensures that timely information concerning various critical issues is conveyed. Mr. Baraka has served various leadership capacities at the Cooperative university including being a class representative for more than two years. Mr. Baraka’s core role in the council is to ensure constant, reliable and effective communication with the students and the institution, keeping students updated on the institution’s main activities and updating the school administration on matters discussed upon by the students governing council.
His achievements as a secretary general include mobilising students from within and outside the school premisis through various platforms to raise their affecting issues as a whole and also promote unity within the students irrespective of their social and cultural backgrounds. Mr Baraka has also liased with class representatives from different departments to ensure that ultimate academic goals are met within the required periods to avoid inconviences to the students.
Being a secretary general serving under difficult times whereby online studies have been embraced by the institution, Mr. Baraka has managed to coordinate with the university ICT department to ensure smooth writing of examinations and cats through the emasomo platform and also reduce the cases of system related issues affecting continuing students during both online classes and examinations. Mr. Baraka has also played a major role in offering assistance and information to freshers class of 2021 and has also ensured that the newly admitted students are advised appropriately and get the services they deserve.
Currently Mr. Baraka is working with the institution administration to ensure that there are flexible and effective school online systems. He also aims at ensuring that the school is widely known through various advertisement methods to attract more students and also aims at ensuring equal disbursement of various bursaries and scholarships. By organizing various mentoring programs and drives Mr. Baraka hopes to create a positive impact to the society and also promote humanity amongst students.



Elvis Osundwa Echesa (CHESS) — CUKSU Finance Secretary/Treasurer

Elvis Osundwa Echesa is a 4th student at The Co-operative University of Kenya pursuing a Bachelor’s of Commerce (Finance) at The Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK) and the current Finance Secretary to the Student Governing Council (SGC)

The docket I head is majorly concerned with planning, budgeting, and managing of finances of The Co-operative University of Kenya Student Union (CUKSU). The treasurer is endowed with the responsibility of chairing the tendering board for tendering purposes and being the caretaker of all non-current assets and investments of the Students Union.

My mantra is to diligently and positively serve the comrades in my capacity as the treasurer and in any other role. I endeavor to always ensure the timely remuneration of the members and conducting feasible projects. It’s quite an honor serving in the student council with my fellow members.








Miss Ann Njeri Muthoni is a 4th-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (Procurement). She has served in different leadership capacities at the Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK); being a Class Representative for three years consecutive till now and currently in the outside world she is  a member of Kenya Universities Female Sotudent Leaders Association(KUFSLA) 2021/2022 and also a member of Queen’s na Hustler for the UDA party in Kenya where they all deal with Young girls in Leadership . On the 5th of August 2021, she was elected to the position of Gender and Special Needs Secretary of The Co-operative University of Kenya Student Union (CUKSU).


She has excellent management, leadership, interpersonal skills, high energy, high integrity, and discipline. Her areas of expertise are conflict management and counseling skills. During her reign, she is focused on celebrating events like the International Day of people living with disabilities together with the special needs family, Creating a strong bond with people living with disabilities hence the ease of communication and establishing of trust with one another, fighting for their rights: the right to be recognized by and in the institution and treated with dignity and respect as everyone else, Mentoring individuals with special needs and supporting them where necessary. As also the Gender  Secretary CUKSU, she is determined to ensure that cases of Gender based Violencee have reduced especially at the University,Give students and the community around CUK more education about sex education through creati g awareness to them and also ensuring that gender equality is a common figure in the university.Miss Njeri is also determined & focused  to work in unity and supportiveness of her fellow council members to ensure a progressive and conducive environment to the coming and current students of The Co_operagive University of Kenya,to leave it at a better place than we found it.



Baraka Mutiti Kamande -Social Welfare, Accommodation, Sports and Entertainment secretary CUKSU

Baraka Mutiti Kamande is a 4th-year student at The Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK) pursuing a Bachelor’ of Commerce (Procurement) program. He is currently serving as the Social Welfare, Accommodation, Sports and Entertainment secretary. He is a self-driven person with excellence in management, leadership, and of high integrity, high energy, and discipline. He is a social person with an interest in learning more from people. During his reign, he managed to increase the hygiene, the number of utensils, and the types of meals taken by the students at the university mess. He has also managed to ensure the cleaning of students’ halls of residence is done regularly and the sanitation kept clean which has reduced the number of infections caused by dirty sanitation and toilets.

Having been the first Social Welfare Secretary to serve under abnormal times where things were not happening as they used to be, he managed to cater to the welfare of the students and families that were hit by the demise of their loved ones and even students. Through this, he managed to bring the whole university fraternity to be one and showed love and humanity to every shareholder of the university. 

He has managed to work closely with the housekeeping and the medical department to ensure that during the Covid-19 pandemic, all the hostels were fumigated to prevent the spread of the virus in the university.


Mohamed Galgalo Abduba-Campus representative, Nairobi CBD Campus

Mohamed Galgalo Abduba is a 2nd year student at the Co-operative University of Kenya Nairobi Campus pursing diploma in purchases and sales management. He is currently serving as the campus representative in the student governing council. Through his tenure Galgalo has greatly managed to bridge the gap between CBD campus and and the Main Campus in karen and made the University one family School. Galgalo managed to do that as a result of his excellent leadership skills. He managed to bring out the best in the CBD students by applying and adapting his leadership style that manages conditions that drive team performance like witnessed in the previous inter-class competitions where CBD students performed very well. His great teamwork oriented leadership has greatly equiped the campus with tools, skills and framework to successfully implement strategy within the Campus. With the help of the Director of the campus the grievances aired out by the students were handled in a well and examplable manner through Galgalo’s term in office so far. Together will make the Co-operative University of Kenya The best University of choice.


During this tenure, the Student Governing Council (SGC) has championed the following:

  1. Better delivery of services in the learning process by ensuring that the system capacity is increased to facilitate eLearning;
  2. Many WIFI hot spots around the University;
  3. Better washrooms at Accra hostels;
  4. Security checks at the gate to be quick and efficient; and
  5. Learning to begin immediately, when we commence a semester.

The SGC also has done the following:

  1. COVID-19 virtual awareness through our University YouTube Channel in collaboration with the Corporate Communications Office;
  2. We have increased outdoor tents that students can use to study outside the classroom to reduce congestion and abide by the Ministry of Health protocol of social distancing;
  3. Held the University Intervarsity prayer day;
  4. We have done drug and HIV/AIDS awareness amongst our students; and
  5. The CUKSU President, Vice president and Secretary General represented the Union in Universities Student Leaders Summit in Mombasa.




The presidents who have served before him (emeritus) include:

  1. John Paul Otieno (2017/2018)
  2. Alphonse Augustus (2018/2019)
  3. Wickliffe Mbaka (2019/2020)

The current SGC wishes to most sincerely thank all the previous CUKSU presidents and leadership for the good work they did during your tenure. May God richly bless you!

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