The Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK) is a Public University established by the Government of Kenya under the Universities Act 2012 and Chartered on the

SCM, in this service delivery charter, commits to serve its clients in respect to work ethics, professional conduct and upholding human dignity.

Response to enquiries/suggestions Clarity of request or wish and full disclosure of what is required. Free Verbal enquiries within a day

Electronic enquiries within two (2) working days

Postal enquiries within seven (7) working days

Developing content and updating the University website As per the university

communication policy

Free Within 24 hours upon approval
Resolution of Public complaints Filed complaints (verbal/written) As per CAJ Guidelines As per CAJ guidelines
Access to University Information As per the Access to Information Act, 2016 As per the Access to Information Act, 2016 As per the Access to Information Act, 2016
Admission of students
  1. Diploma C-;
  2. Degree C+;
  3. Master Degree – Bachelor’s degree at 1st or 2nd Upper Class or other qualification considered equivalent by Senate, and;
  4. PhD – and relevant Master’s degree
Application fee:

  1. Diploma: Kshs. 500;
  2. Bachelors Kshs. 1,500;
  3. Masters and PhD Kshs. 2,000
Within 8 weeks after the close of an advert
Registration, Teaching and Examinations
  1. Registration to relevant Programme
  2. Class attendance
  3. Proof of payment of tuition and other fees
As per the CUK fee payment policy As per semester schedules
Issuance of Results Slips On successful completion of a semester Free Within 15 minutes following day after the senate board of examiners approval
Issuance of Academic Transcripts Completion of an academic year Free Thirty (30) working days after the end of the academic year and senate board of examiners approval
Issuance of Academic Certificates Successful completion of academic programmes Free Within Thirty (30) working days after the award
Conferment of Awards Successful completion of academic programmes Payment of graduation fee as per the graduation announcement As approved by University Senate
Recommending students for Scholarship awards & Research Grants Written request Free One (1) week
Recommendation/ Introductory Letters /Confirmation of Units covered
  1. Written request
  2. Student ID
Free Two (2) working days
Student Clearance Duly filled clearance forms (online clearance form) Free Within  two (2) working days  on receipt of the duly filled form
Handling of students disciplinary cases Appropriately submitted cases Free Completed within 30 days
Postgraduate supervision
  1. Successful development and presentation and approval of a proposal
  2. Timely submission of progress reports, presentation in a conference, the thesis by a student as per set timelines/schedules
Upon payment of the semester as per the fees payment policy Within two (2) weeks after receiving a project or thesis
Postgraduate thesis examination
  1. Final thesis signed by the student and supervisor
  2. Appointment of Examiners
Upon payment of the appropriate examination fee As per the Postgraduate Handbook


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