Message from Dean

/Message from Dean

The School of Co-operatives and Community Development (FCCD) is one of the two schools at The Co- operative University of Kenya, with a mandate to offer high-level human resource training for Kenya and other countries within the Eastern Africa region in the fields of cooperative management, community development and disaster management and sustainable development. This was constituted in July 2016 to expand the scope of the precursor Faculty of Cooperatives and Community Development established in May 2013, to succeed the department of management in the former tertiary Co-operative College of Kenya.

The vision of the school is to attain excellence in Higher Education, Training, Research and Innovation in Co- operative studies and community development while its mission is to provide knowledge, skills and quality training to trainees, through quality cooperative education, training and research. The school, currently has two constituted departments namely: Departments of Cooperatives and Agribusiness Development and the Department of Community Development and Environment.

Since its inception, the school has made great strides in terms of program development, student’s increment, research output, staff improvement and performance.

Programs and activities

Up until 2012, the University College operated under one single department and faculty. However, the Faculty of Cooperatives and Community Development was in the year 2013and over the years, the school has grown from     its inherited Diploma and certificate courses, to the development of Bachelors programs, which saw the first JAB Students, admitted in September 2012. Due to the growing needs, the School has ambitious plans to develop and implement more programmes.

Geographic Information Systems Launch

Through the efforts of the School of Cooperatives and staff, the University secured a licence agreement with ESRI East Africa on the use of GIS software in CUK; through this initiative, our students have been able to lean and access valuable applications of GIS. Some of the milestones achieved include

Date Event Number involved
June 8-9th 2016

Sept, 22nd, 2016 Sept – Dec, 2016

Launch of GIS usage in CUK 200
GIS conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

Weekly GIS training classes by students

TWO academic staff TWO students



The Future of the school and opportunities

  1. Improving capacity on research and outputs
  2. Development of new programs including Master an PhD programs
  3. Expanding the collaboration networks and partnerships with various organizations
  4. Building and increasing staff capacity
  5. Expanding the academic departments to increase service delivery and quality