• Inter-University Transfer

The Admissions Section facilitates the process of Inter-University Transfer. This applies to students who wish to transfer to and from The Co-operative University of Kenya. The University, however, reserves the right to accept or reject requests for transfer. Government-sponsored students are required to comply with requirements of the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS). They should apply for Inter-University Transfer through the portal provided on the KUCCPS Website. Self-sponsored Students (SSP) shall be required to apply as new applicants. Successful applicants for Inter-University transfers may apply for credit transfer as per the requirements of the programme’s curriculum and regulatory requirements and the credit transfer policy.

  • Inter/Intra School transfer
  1. Students are allowed to change their programme of study which may result into School/Departmental transfers (Inter/Intra School Transfers). Students who wish to transfer from one School or programme to another may only do so on admission as a first year or at any point within the first 50% of the programme duration. 
  2. A student who wishes to transfer will be required to fill in the Inter/Intra School Transfers Form available at the university’s Production Section and Admissions Office. Students should note that transfers are only offered on two conditions; if:
  • There is a vacant place in the intended Destination School.
  • The student meets the required admission criteria for the specific course.   

 3.  Transfer requests shall be processed within the first three weeks of the first semester of an Academic Year; successful applicants shall receive an official letter of transfer to their new programme from the Registrar (Academic Affairs) and will be expected to register in their new courses by the fourth week of the semester.

NOTE: All inter-faculty transfers are subject to approval by the Deans Committee, once the transfers have been approved the exercise is closed.

  • Deferment of studies

Students who are unable to take up the offer of admission at the stipulated time of reporting/registration shall be required to defer their studies. This should be done in writing to the Registrar (Academics affair) stating one reason(s) for deferment or by completing the prescribed deferment form and submitting it to the Admissions Office.  Deferment period shall not exceed one (1) academic year for Diploma students and two (2) academic years for Bachelors and Postgraduate students. Applicants who do not notify the Office of Academic Registrar about their intention to defer their studies within two (2) Academic Years from the date of admission shall be deemed to have forfeited their offer of admission.

  •  Academic Leave

Students who have studied for at least one semester and wish to take leave from studies for subsequent semester(s) due to various reasons shall be required to request for academic leave online through their student’s portal or complete the prescribed Academic Leave forms available at the Admissions Office and on the University website. Students who do not formally request for academic leave and fail to register within the stipulated registration period shall be deregistered for that semester. 

  • Exemption

This is applicable to applicants who have studied at lower levels (Diploma) at the Co-operative University of Kenya and have progressed to pursue a higher level (Bachelor’s) programme. Such applicants may upon admission, apply to be exempted from units whose content is similar or equivalent to a course from previous study. They shall be required to complete the prescribed Exemption Form available at the University’s Production section or University website and submit them to their respective Schools upon payment of a non-refundable exemption application fees.  Exemption requests shall be considered as per the existing exemptions policy.

  • Clearance from the University

Graduates or students who wish to withdraw from their studies due to various reasons shall be required to clear with the University. They will be required to clear with the University online through their student’s portal or to complete the prescribed Students Clearance Form available at the University’s Production section. 

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