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Varsity on Top Gear on Knitting Strategic Plan

The Co-operative University’s Stakeholders’ forum to give final inputs on the 4-year strategic plan took place in main campus on Friday 24th May 2015. The stakeholders, among others, were drawn from the internal staff to include the University’s Management Board and Heads of Departments and Sections and also from among the students’ body represented by their Union leaders.

External stakeholders included representatives from the CUCK alumni association; national co-operatives including the umbrella co-operatives body CAK, the Co-operative bank, KUSCCO, CIC insurance group, SASRA, KERUSSU, ICA Africa among others.

The one day stakeholders’ workshop presided over by the CUCK Principal Prof. D. Shitanda saw the strategic plan ventilated upon to include views and reasons of all the stakeholders. Prof. Shitanda marked that as the University College geared up towards being a fully fledged University, it needed development path to travel in revamping the existing infrastructure to cater for the expected growth in terms of staff and students’ population. He noted that the CUCK is a champion in Global Co-operative trends and it must remain afloat.

Key among other issues deliberated upon in the forum was the key strategic corporate objectives of the plan meant to achieve the following:

(a) To Provide quality demand driven courses and programs;
(b) To Promote and participate in innovative research, consultancy and dissemination of information;
(c) To Transit the University College to a fully-fledged University;
(d) To Strengthen linkages with the co-operative movement and other stakeholders;
(e) To Strengthen The Co-operative University College of Kenya financial resource base;
(f) To Strengthen governance and human resource structures;
(g) To Benchmark internal processes to international standards;
(h) To Develop and expand existing infrastructure; and
(i) To Enhance corporate social responsibility programs for improved corporate image

The strategic plan, upon its launch will provide strong support to the already vibrant co-operative industry in Kenya and world through our students, as well as by training people in the field with short-term and long term training.

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  1. Congratulations in your endeavours. I have been reading some documents concerning the development of co-operatives of the East African countries. I would like to comment softly that your recent forum which took place in the main campus, was dated Friday 24th May 2015 and posted into your website. I feel you probably might have meant Friday 24th April 2015. Accept my very high regards. Nju Charles.

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