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University Smart Card for Students

The University is in the process of migrating all students (JAB and SSP) to the HELB Enabled Smart Cards beginning this September. The smart card is a compulsory requirement for all HELB applicants in order to receive loan, this implies that all HELB funds will henceforth be disbursed to students’ smart card. The smart cards will be used for the following purposes.

  1. Student Identity Card.
  2. Student Fees payment- The card will contain three wallet as indicated below
  3. Tuition wallet-This will be loaded with tuition fees only. It will be restricted exclusively for fees use. It will be swiped at Cash office point of sale terminal.
  4. Upkeep wallet- This will be used to load the HELB balance for student’s upkeep
  5. Open wallet- This can be used by Parents/Guardians to load student’s pocket
  6. Library Access, Exam Access, and Lecture Access.
  7. Cafeteria access.
  8. Accommodation.

The students are hereby advised that HELB will give priority to those students with smart card during fund disbursement. The Smart Card shall be issued at a cost of KSH. 500.00 which shall be recovered from the funds disbursed by HELB.

All students are urged to visit the ICT Support office to apply and register for the cards to facilitate printing.

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    1. Hi Collins, Helb will give priority to students with the student card and since it will also serve as your Student ID card you will be expected to have one. Thus far you can have it and not borrow money from Helb and just load it with your money.

    1. Hi Odera, It affects even the guys who don’t benefit from Helb cause it will serve as your Student ID card. More so you will be able to load money to your account to pay for fee, and also for your own personal use.

  1. Does it mean my parent has to visit helb office to deposit pocket money for me?
    Does it mean that helh is turning to a bank?
    what will be the use of a student ID in the university?
    I have every reason to believe this is just another avenue some Kenyan has devised to rob poor Kenyan students.

    1. Hi Eric, money can be deposited to the card via various means for example through a merchant, Co-operative bank and even Mpesa. Secondly Helb is not turning into a bank this just presents an efficient way in which money can be disbursed.
      Thirdly Student smart card will also serve as the student ID card.

  2. hi does this mean one will pay fees using the card,or we’ll pay the normal way for those who are not in the Helb system

    1. Hi Faith, you will get one kindly go through the registration process and your details will be captured for card processing.

  3. which means no cash payment to the school will be acceptable within its compounds! even @ the canteen? and if so are there charges inclusive in the card’s use?. thanks.

    1. Hi Danko, the only charge incurred will be the one of Kshs. 500 required to get the card. You may use either cash or the card in the canteens.

  4. Now that we are opening on 8th and fee payment is mandatory. How long will the card processing take because there are students who solely depend on HELB loan to pay their fee?Or will you (administration) adjust the registration duration to accommodate affected students?Finally can we visit the university at the moment to take the required passport and register for the same at ICT office?

    1. Hi Collins, I’d advice that the first place you visit be the registration for the card to ensure that your details are captured and it will take about a week and a half for the bank to batch process the students records that are ready into Smart cards. I insist, Helb will give priority to students with the smart cards and with that you will be able to make fee payments among other usages.
      Kindly visit the university from mid next week to be able to initiate the card registration process.

  5. Admin,
    I’ve been reading all these comments above but something isn’t coming clear to me. If i don’t apply for that smart card will I not be admitted come September? Also of I don’t have the smart card will HELB send money to the individual’s bank account instead since I don’t have the smart card?

    1. Hi Jonah, the smart card application is part of the registration process where the details collected will help generate the card that will serve as your Student ID as well as enable you to pay your fee, receive Helb and purchase other items with money in your personal wallet account. I repeat Helb will give priority to students who have the smart card without it you will have a difficult time getting money from them.

    1. Hi James, we are not compelling students to apply for helb, the card will be used as a student card which is a prerequisite for all students to have.

    1. Hi Andrew, just by going through the registration process we will be able to capture your details and enable card processing.

  6. is the upkeep money still the usual money I.e 13000 and the fee wallet be loaded with the 4k…..and will I be able to withdraw the money for the upkeep for personal use.

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