Message from the DVC, AA

/Message from the DVC, AA
Dear Students,
I start by conveying to you a very warm welcome to the Co-operative University of Kenya. For the next several semesters, you will be in the company of many people, each doing something particular towards their own development, and from whom you too will be able to draw strength and motivation to scale to great heights. The University offers a wide array of experiences, in situations that allow you to prove to yourself that there is much to be gleaned from sitting at the feet of those who know, and much more to reap from hard work, determination and self-discipline. I trust that each of you will make it a personal responsibility to watch, listen and think-WALITH – because these activities are what result in informed decision-making, that lead to self-fulfilment. 
As a student of the Co-operative University of Kenya, you are part of a community of people – students, scholars, staff – who believe in doing things together for the common good, reaching out to assist others and learning by doing. These can be interpreted in many ways, but the ultimate ground rule is one of responsibility for one’s own actions. The learning environment provides scope for empowerment and creativity in the application of knowledge and skills gained during the learning activities.  What you do with this knowledge determines your success and value to your community now and after graduation
As a community, the University presents situations that to some may be easy to manage, yet to others a challenge to navigate. That depends on your past experiences and current disposition. I urge you to take time to see what is, to hear how things are, to feel the thrills of studentship and to anticipate the taste of success that awaits you at the end of your academic journey. You will never know the joy of success until you try one more time those things that may challenge you. The community offers many points of assistance. I urge  you to quickly discover where these are, and to take advantage of the assistance offered through career guidance, emotional support, peer counselling and pastoral care that the University has placed at your disposal. Take time to enjoy being young. Play – we have formally organised sporting activities and performing arts. Do not let that talent lie idle. It could take you places.
Finally, it will be my joy to see you rise with dignity to hear your name called in a colourful graduation ceremony at the end of your course of study. This journey is beginning with this first step of enrolment. May you find the joy, strength and support needed for the successful navigation of the terrain ahead.
Karibuni sana! May God keep you close to Him and give you the focus you need for success.

Prof. Emily Achieng’ Akuno

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs,

The Co-operative University of Kenya
P.O. Box 24814-00502, Karen
Nairobi, Kenya
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