Master of Business Administration(4 SEMESTERS)

/Master of Business Administration(4 SEMESTERS)

A holder of a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with:

  • At least Upper Second Class Honours
  • Lower Second Class Honours and proven evidence of research or three years relevant work experience
  • Pass and five (5) years work experience post qualification experience.
  • Pass and Postgraduate Diploma



The programme is offered by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Economics in the School of Business and Economics of The Co-operative University of Kenya. The school faculty members are experienced and well published in the peer-review Scientific Journals in their areas of specialization. The programme is offered at the main campus (Evening Classes) and Nairobi CBD Campus (Evening classes & weekends).

Vision of the School: To be the school of choice in business and economics in Kenya

Mission of the School: To provide quality education and training in business and economics that nurtures creativity and innovation through teaching & research, consultancy and linkages for sustainable economic empowerment.

Why Study MBA at The Co-operative University of Kenya

  • Competent, dedicated, supportive, friendly and qualified faculty
  • Serene, spacious and beautiful environment
  • High completion rate
  • National and International academic standards
  • 24/7 internet connectivity, access to online journals and e-books
  • Accredited programme
  • A candidate from any academic background may take the programme
  • Six specialization; Accounting, Finance , Marketing, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management.
  • A provision for credit transfer may applys to applicants who have completed Masters course units at other senate recognized university with approval of the senate as per Credit Accumulation & Transfer System (CATS) for MBA programme

Philosophy of the Programme

The philosophy of Master of Business Administration is to develop business leaders, managers, academicians and other professional who can manage businesses in the dynamic environments and transform them by integrating good governance principles through; creativity and innovation, teamwork, integrity, professionalism and equity.

Minimum university entrance requirements

The minimum admission requirements for MBA programme:

  1. Bachelor’s degree with first class honours or second class honours, upper division from any recognized university in any area of specialization.


  1. Bachelor’s degree with second class lower division from any recognized university with at least two (2) years of relevant  work experience or show proven evidence of research ability   


  1. Bachelor’s degree with a pass from any recognized university may be considered for admission if: a candidate has at least five (5) years of relevant work experience or other relevant qualifications.


Course Units for Programme


Course Code Course Name Contact Hours
Year 1 Semester 1
MBC 3101 Management Theory and Practice 45
MBC 3102 Marketing Management 45
MBC 3103 Financial Accounting 45
MBC 3104 Management Information System 45
MBC 3105 Business Statistics 45
MBC 3106 Co-operative Management 45

Year 1 Semester 2

MBC 3107 Human Resource Management 45
MBC 3108 Managerial Economics 45
MBC 3109 Financial Management 45
MBC 3110 Strategic Management 45
MBC 3111 Business Research Methods 45
MBC 3112 Procurement Management 45
Year 2 Semester 1
MBC 3201 Corporate Entrepreneurship  45
MBC 3202 Corporate Governance Principles 45
MBC 3203 Project Management 45
Year 2 Semester 1 (Options)


MBC 3204 Corporate Finance 45
MBC 3205 Multinational Finance and Investment 45
MBC 3206 Finance Seminar 45
MBC 3207 Public Finance and Taxation 45
MBC 3208 Financial Reporting 45
MBC 3209 Accounting Seminar 45
MBC 3210 Brand Management 45
MBC 3211 Global Marketing 45
MBC 3212 Marketing Seminar 45
Human Resource Management
MBC 3213 Rewards Management  45
MBC 3214 Employee Relations 45
MBC 3215 Human Resources Management Seminar 45
Strategic Management
MBC 3216 International Business management  45
MBC 3217 Global Corporate Strategy 45
MBC 3218 Strategic Management Seminar  45
  Supply Chain Management  
MBC 3219 Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management  45
MBC 3220 National & International Logistics 45
MBC 3221 Purchasing Seminar 45
MBC 3222  Research project equivalent to 2 units 90
Grand Total 20 units each (including research) 900



 Academic Staff for MBA Programme

S/No Name Area of Specialization
 1. Prof. John Kihoro Statistics
 2. Prof.George Ngongera Human Resource Management


Prof. Kennedy Waweru Finance
 4. Dr. Kennedy Kirima Entrepreneurship
 5. Prof. Kennedy Waweru Finance  (CIFA)
 6. Dr. Lucy Maina Entrepreneurship
 7. Prof. Julius Bitok Finance
 8. Dr. Emma Anyika Statistics (CPA, K)


 9. Dr MonicahNderitu Finance (CPA, K)
10. Dr Denis Kamau Procurement (CPA, K)
11. Dr Moses Gweyi Finance
12. Dr. James Ndegwa Finance (CPA K)
13. Dr Lucinda Mugaa  Human Resource Management
14. Dr Michael Ngala Strategic Management
15. Dr Dickson Kinyariru Finance