Children Reading Campaign at Kibera

Kibera Community Library held a reading campaign on 20th September 2013. Kibera library collaborated with the following institutions to organize the event. These included Catholic University Eastern Africa, Practical Action, Kenya Library Association and Co-operative University of Kenya who contributed in different ways. The event’s theme was: ‘Reading for empowerment’.  Seven schools from Kibera slum were invited which included:

  • Ngei Primary
  • St. Christine primary
  • Hope Academy
  • St. Charles Lwanga
  • Anajali Primary
  • St. Monica

The purpose of the Reading Campaign was to:

  • Promote Reading culture
  • Create awareness on the importance and values of library to the community
  • Give talks on learning and improving grades in school
  • Promote use of library.

A total of 220 children were involved and ten teachers. Members of the community also joined the function. During the event the following activities were conducted and winners awarded presents: Dictation, English composition Writing, Drawing, Recite poems, Tag of war, Dancing poetry among others. Poems were recited giving an impression of how the children were longing for the library to be opened signifying thirst for knowledge.

The children were taught a new slogan, which was:

Children: Who are we?

To learn: What do we want?

When do we want it? Now!!!!!


A children’s event dubbed “Children reading Campaign” was held on 20th September 2013 at the Kenya National Library services, Kibera branch. The objective of the event was to create fun and excitement around books among children through the “Bringing books to life” program. Four schools were invited to take part in the various competitions in areas of spelling, composition writing, dictation, ICT, drawing and colouring.

There was plenty of fun and learning through entertaining activities such as storytelling, poetry, singing and dramatization.

pic2                                                     pic3

The children were able to explore their creative impulse by taking part in the aforementioned activities. Gifts were awarded to children who showed impressive performance in the competitions and to their teachers for their wonderful guidance and facilitation. The children also showed commendable creativity, discipline, and teamwork through their various skits and performances.   The presentation of the gifts was presided over by Jane Gikandi, Librarian Co-operative University of Kenya.

pic4                                                                       pic5

We learned that the library is not just a location for silent reading but also a fun space for learning, creation and innovation. We also learned that drugs and substance abuse are giant obstacles to success and should be avoided. The event sensitized on such life lessons around healthy competition, conflict resolution, personal hygiene and overall confidence. The children were able to interact with each other in a fun environment and learn more about the advantages of the library.


Antony Kariuki, a student from Co-operative University of Kenya advised the students against drug abuse. He informed the children that disobedience in school and at home does not pay because it affected his life. This is because he dropped from school and lost 11 years by involving himself in drugs, among other vices. He encouraged the children that even if they live in slums they have a bright future ahead of them and they should avoid bad company since it ruins good character. He advised the children to be writing their vision everyday and if they want to succeed they be should be talking good things about their life.

pic99                                                         pic999

Other speakers encouraged the community at large to persuade and cultivate a reading culture to the children. They were also encouraged about information seeking for their own growth and development hence raise their standards of living. Parents and teachers were requested to invest in their children’s education by encouraging
them to use the library. The librarian informed the community that it is through reading that people learn about new ideas hence innovativeness and this leads to community development as well as raise their standards of living.

In closing, a library membership drive was initiated and all the children who were not members of the KNLS, kibera branch were advised on how to become members. After a group photograph and a beautiful prayer, the event came to a close.

Teachers congratulated Kenya National Library Service management and other collaborators for the good work of taking development into their doorsteps that is knowledge through building a library which they believed it would change their lives.

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