The Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK) acknowledges the transformational impact of quality education in training, research, and consultancy for sustainable development. In partnership with the County Government of Kakamega, the spirit and the letter of CUK mission dominated the incredible achievement with a strong belief in the power of our motto, “Quality co-operative training,” the recently concluded Career Expo that ran from 10th to 12th February 2023 was a resounding success. Hundreds of young people, especially the current form four leavers and high school students from across the County were in attendance. 

The CUK staff and students pose for a photo at CUK’s stand

The keynote speaker and the guest of honour during the event was The CUK’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Finance, Planning and Administration), Prof. Esther N. Gicheru, who gave a rousing speech on the Career Expo’s theme, “Mastering your future.” The varsity’s DVC spoke to the youth about the importance of education, hard work, and dedication in achieving career success in their prospective future. She underscored the need for young people to focus on academic excellence, develop requisite market-seasoned skills, uncompromised moral standing, and cultivate strong work ethics. 

The DVC.Prof.Esther Gicheru addressing the students

Prof. Gicheru shared her journey, highlighting the challenges she faced along the way and the lessons she learned from those turbulent experiences. “I want to emphasise the significance of resilience and perseverance in the face of setbacks, and as youths, you must remain focused on your goals and never despair in pursuing your dreams.” She applauded the bold steps and initiatives by the County government. Moreover, the CUK’s DVC encouraged the youths to take advantage and seize the many opportunities available to them, including internships, mentorship programs, and networking events. The Professor’s speech was a particular highlight, offering inspiring and practical advice on how to master the future and achieve the highest potential success in any career. 

Additionally, the career expo featured several other speakers and exhibitors, including representatives from local businesses, organisations, and public and private Universities. These stakeholders provided information on career opportunities, job training programs, and other resources available to the young. Remarkably, the event attained a resounding success for the Co-operative University of Kenya since it was top-ranked and awarded the certificate of the best exhibitor among the Public Universities present. 

CUK staff receiving a certificate for the best exhibitor among the Public Universities present at the Expo

Lastly, the Corporate Communication and Marketing Department wishes to appreciate the CUK management for support throughout marketing expeditions and hope for continued support towards enhancing the brand visibility of the institution.

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