At the Nairobi International Trade Fair 2016: The students from different schools, being taken through the various products and services offered by CUK

Our Story

The CDRI was established in September 2014 to be the custodian of the Co-operative tradition and legacy that makes the Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK) unique and important in Kenya and in the region. CDRI is a dedicated division that seeks to strengthen strategic linkages between the University and the Co-operative industry for which it was established.

Its mission is to build a co-operative economy through the creation and development of successful cooperative enterprises and network in diverse areas in the cooperative sector and the associative economy. The Co-operative University of Kenya through CDRI also seeks to fulfill its mandate of being the standard bearer in the field of Co-operative Education and Training, research and consultancy by contributing significantly to the attainment of national development goals including fostering national unity and social cohesion in line with Vision 2030

The ICD has four (4) broad mandates of Co-operative Development, Research, production and Extension, Linkages and fundraising and Co-operative Training Centre.

CDRI has played a central role in facilitating the University to undertake the following initiatives to fulfill its mandate regarding Co-operative Development:

  • Signed an MOU with the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development;
  • Partnered with the Co-operative Alliance of Kenya (CAK) and the Germany Co-operative Development Organization (DGRV) on a project to strengthen agricultural Co-operatives in Kisii and Kirinyaga districts;
  • Signed MOUs with the three County Governments and negotiating with others with the intention to sign MOUs with all the 47 Counties in Kenya to enable CUK contribute towards the development of Co-operative enterprises at County level;
  • Signed an MOU with SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) to build the capacity of Deposit-Taking SACCOs in the areas of Governance, Credit and Risk Management.
  • Signed an MOU with the Union of Somali Co-operative Movement in Somali to enable CUK play a leading role in the reconstruction of the Co-operative Movement in Somali;

CDRI has played a central role in facilitating the CUK to undertake several research initiatives that include:

  • Establishment of a Research Committee;
  • Training of staff on writing fundable research proposals;
  • Making a Call for Research Proposals
  • Award of Internal Research Grants amounting to KShs. 4,000,000;
  • Establishment of the CUK Journal Committee to launch and sustain an academic journal to disseminate CUK research outputs;
  • Ensuring that research output is part of staff performance management system.

CDRI has initiated several extension services including:

  • Training of SACCOs under the MOU with SASRA;
  • Training of women leaders from Kisii County;
  • Partnered with the Co-operative Alliance of Kenya (CAK) and the Germany Co-operative Development Organization (DGRV) in the implementation of a project to strengthen agricultural Co-operatives in Kisii and Kirinyaga districts;
  • Partnered with International Computer Driving License (ICDL) to make CUK an accredited test centre (ATC) for ICDL;
  • Held discussions with Uwezo Fund and Huduma Kenya towards collaboration with CUK as a service provider;
  • Participated in meetings and conferences within and outside Kenya including those in partnership with the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), ILO and We Effect (former Swedish Co-operative Centre);
  • Planning to hold a continental conference on Co-operatives at CUK.

The Institute will comprise of four departments as below:

  1. Co-operative Development Department;
  2. Co-operative Research, Production and Extension Department;
  3. Linkages and Fundraising Department;
  4. Co-operative Training Centre.

Co-operative development department which is responsible for the promotion and support to new Co-operative business models, enhance co-operative development through business innovation and incubation.

Research, Production and Extension Department which is supposed to coordinate research, production and extension activities including business incubation for the co-operative sector in Kenya

Linkages and Fundraising Department which is mandated to establish and maintain national and international linkages and strategic partnerships for fundraising and sharing knowledge

Co-operative Training Centre is to be established and is supposed to coordinate, manage and monitor tertiary co-operative studies for CUK.