Message from the Director

/Message from the Director
Prof. John M. Kihoro DIRECTOR DCEL

The directorate has a vibrant team of staff who work as a team thus leading to efficient service delivery. It is committed to being a center of excellence in eLearning and quality computing programmes. The directorate is also in charge of capacity building in areas of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for all staff and students.

For DCeL to carry out its mandate, it works in close collaboration with the Schools and Institutes enabling it to engage the academic staff from the relevant schools to develop instructional materials or modules who also facilitate the same online hence quality is assured. As a result of having one facilitator for fulltime and eLearning students, the University administers a common examination paper for all the students.

The Directorate has been able to develop instructional materials which are in use in all the campuses of the University for Delivery of the following programmes:

Undergraduate programmes:

  1.  Bachelor of Co-operative Business
  2.  Bachelor of Co-operatives and Community Development
  3.  Bachelor of Commerce3. Bachelor of Commerce
  4.  Bachelor of Science in Finance4. Bachelor of Science in Finance

Diploma programmes:

  1.  Diploma in Co-operative Management
  2.  Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  3.  Diploma in Human Resource Management
  4.  Diploma in Business Administration

Certificate programmes:

  1.  Certificate in Co-operative Management
  2.  Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  3.  Certificate in Business Management

As per the original mandate that addresses the second objective, DCeL has also been focusing on development of a proposed School of Computing which will address the on-campus teaching of computer related programmes. In 2015, the University management recruited staff for the Computing programmes who have been actively supporting in the teaching and development of new programmes. Currently; Diploma in Information technology and Diploma in Business information technology are on offer and has already graduated students. The computing department of DCeL has also developed degree programmes namely;

  1. Bachelor of Information Technology.
  2. Bachelor of Information Technology and Business.

The above programmes are in the process of approval by relevant bodies; it is expected that the degree programmes will be launched in September 2018.  The department is also aggressively working on;

  1. Bachelor of Statistics and Information Technology
  2. Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science

With the intention of having them approved and launched in 2018. The graduates of these programmes will go a long way in supporting the Co-operative Movement in Kenya both directly and indirectly.

The Directorate’s objectives have been aligned to the current University strategic objectives and they read as follows:

  • Liaise with relevant officers to ensure availability for access eContent for both lecturers and students in the portal.
  • To market all programmes under the Directorate of Computing and eLearning (DCeL)
  • To integrate programmes into e-learning for all students & Coordinate all online activities
  • To ensure all regular students in the department have access to industrial attachment opportunities and are properly assessed and evaluated as well as foster and maintain cordial  relations between the department and the Industry Players
  • To process and manage examinations as per the statutes, and Senate approved schedule of examination activities.

For any feedback, questions or further information, kindly contact the Director DCeL through