Our Objective

The overall objective of the Directorate objectives have been aligned to the current University strategic objectives and they read as follows:

    1. To  spearhead digitization process of CUK Programmes and increase the number of digitized units from  90 to 150.
    2. To promote on-campus use of eLearning by facilitating online teaching of at least one unit every semester.
    3. To Promote capacity building in Staff by conducting at least one(1) user training and sensitization on eLearning and Cloud services every semester.
    4. To enhance quality teaching of all Computing units.
    5. To develop at least One (1)  Bachelors Programme and One (1) Diploma programme.

To attain excellence in higher education, training, research and innovation in co-operative studies and community development.


To provide knowledge, skills and quality training to trainees, through quality cooperative education, training and research