Welcome Message from the Director

/Welcome Message from the Director


The Co-operative University of Kenya is keen on strengthening its DACSIS function due to the fact that the alumnus of any university provides a tangible indicator of a university’s output to the society and a loyal base of supporters with first hand historical experience of their alma mater. Additionally, they provide a resource database that the university can tap into in order to achieve some of its objectives. Good DACSIS relations are mutually beneficial to the student and the university; whilst the university provides its former students with support in their personal and professional lives by linking them to social and professional networks, it also benefits by becoming bigger, stronger, more successful and enhancement in the value of its certificates, diplomas and degrees

The career services function of the directorate is tethered on the Ministry of Education’s establishment of the Office of Career Services in all public universities and tertiary institutions guidelines of 2018. The policies of the Kenya Government since independence have endeavored to promote gender equity, inclusivity and development in the education and training sector and subsequent transition to the working environment. However these policies may have fallen short of achieving their objectives, especially in the envisaged seamless transition from learning to earning. The Directorate’s function of career services aims at bridging this gap by ensuring that the Co-operative University of Kenya produces a work force that is productive enough for wealth creation and better living standards through a combination of measures and strategies such as attachment coordination, internships for our students and linking our students to potential employers.

The third function of the Directorate focuses on the management of international students’ affairs in the university. The term university comes from the Latin term universitas which literary means “whole”, drawn from this meaning a university is, therefore, obligated to have members from the whole world, or at least a significant proportion of it, in realistic terms. In line with this the directorate is charged with the responsibility of introducing, recommending and recruiting prospective international students. The Directorate is also charged with the responsibility of assisting international students to register as well as conducting all other functions that ensure their stay, learning and interaction in the university  is not only conducive but also recommendable to potential international students and in the long run convert the Co-operative University in a global university with a world representative community. In conclusion, the directorate is one of the many arms of the University all of which work in harmony to ensure that the objectives of the institution are met to the satisfaction of all its stakeholders.