International Students

/International Students

Purpose of International Students

  1. Work with schools and departments to recruit international students into programs offered at CUK
  2. Ensure the general welfare of international students during their stay at CUK.
  3. Improve visibility of CUK to attract international students
  4. Seek approvals for international students
  5. Getting International students through:
  • Co-operative movement in other countries
  • Embassies and foreign missions in Nairobi and other countries
  • Liaising with Education attaches’
  • Advertising in East African magazines and Exhibition websites
  • Having exchange programs with other Universities
  • Exploring other avenues to source for students
  • International students recruitment agencies
  • The University website
  • Social media platforms

Functions and roles of International Students Section

  1. To introduce, recommend and recruit prospective international students
  2. To assist international students in preparing for their admission
  3. To represent fairly and accurately the Co-operative University of Kenya in general, programs regulations fees and academic facilities to international students
  4. Reception and orientation of international students
  5. To advise students on accommodation and recreation facilities
  6. From time to time establish the number of international students at the university
  7. Identify the challenges faced by the international students at the Co-operative University of Kenya and in Kenya
  8. Prepare information package for use by foreign students to enable their easy integration
  9. Monitor and devise any other ways of supporting the foreign students.

The function of the International Students Section shall be guided by the CUK’s International Students Policy.