1. Advise students on academic matters for them to developing educational plans consistent with their life goals.
  2. Organize career days and provide career counselling services and advise to students
  3. Provide graduate tracker services by putting in place procedures for assessing student’s achievement and their progression after graduation into work and further study.
  4. Build sustainable linkages /partnerships with industries to enable university and students to know the pace, form and direction of social-economic advancement in the country.
  5. Engage in recruitment of prospective High school students to join the University.
  6. Enhance intra-institutional exchanges through collaborations and exchange programs.
  7. Enhance apprenticeship services
  8. Liaising with the alumni office in establishing an alumni network
  9. Enhance/create an entrepreneur incubation centre
  10. Establish and mentor student ambassadors
  11. Organize recruitment career fairs
  12. Organize for the participation of the university in recruitment fairs and exhibitions organised by other entities
  13. Advise students on venture capital fairs and innovation in the capital markets

Exchange Program Section

  1. To initiate exchange programs for staff and students
  2. To encourage and facilitate exchange programs for staff and students
  3. To promote the welfare of international visiting staff and students while at the Cooperative University of Kenya
  4. To facilitate students and staff for study and research programs in collaborating
  5. To initiate and facilitate collaborations with similar international centers and institutions.
  6. To advise other departments and units within the Cooperative University of Kenya on how to process collaborations with other entities.
  7. To promote welfare of international visiting staff and researchers while at the Cooperative University of Kenya
  8. To facilitate registration, travel and accommodation arrangements for the Cooperative University of Kenya academic members of staff as well as visiting scholars and students.
  9. Reception and orientation of international students
  10. To prepare information package for use by foreign students to enable their easy integration
  11. To coordinate activities of the Cooperative University of Kenya staff and students visiting universities abroad.

The functions of the Exchange Programs Section shall be guided by the CUK Exchange   Programs Policy.

Industrial Attachment Co-ordination Subsection

  1. Management of student industrial placement/attachment
  2. To be managed centrally by the office admin
  3. Determine what disciplines and how many students to take for attachment at any given time
  4. Ensure students receive attachment letters before end of semester exams
  5. Have a budget ready for attachment assessment in time
  6. Explore on online application for assessment through deans
  7. Have a data bank on the attachment domicile of students
  8. Liaise with other career services private, governmental and non governmental organisations and agencies
  9. Liaise with departmental Industrial Labour Officers for effective co-ordination of attachment co-ordination.

The functions of the Industrial Attachment Co-ordination Subsection shall be guided by CUK’s Industrial Attachment Policy