Admission of candidates to the Co-operative University of Kenya programmes is open to all persons without discrimination on race, ethnicity, political opinion, gender or physical ability.

Application forms can either be obtained from the Admissions Office at the Co-operative University of Kenya, or downloaded here and should be submitted upon a payment of a non-refundable application fee of KSh. 2,000 for Postgraduate programmes, KSh. 1,500 for Bachelors  programmes and KSh. 500 for Diploma and Certificate programmes.

The application fees should be paid to the following account:

Co-operative Bank of Kenya (Karen Branch) Account No. 01129062663600.

Duly filled application forms and enquiries should be directed to:


The Co-operative University of Kenya P.O. Box 24814-00502,

Tel. 020-2430127 or 0724 311 606 KAREN




NOTE: The application form should be submitted with the original copy of the application fee payment deposit slip.


The Admissions Section is mandated to perform the following major functions;

  1. Process Admission Letters for applicants into University
  2. Registration of new and continuing students
  3. Orientation of new students into the University System
  4. Processing student requests
  5. Managing, updating and maintaining students’ records
Services offered by admission Section include:
  • Registration of New and Continuing Students

The admissions Section coordinates the process of registration for both new and continuing students. The registration process is largely online. However new students are required to also fill in the DOWNLOADS FOR NEW STUDENT FORMS which should be submitted at the Admissions Office upon completion of the various registration stages indicated on the form. A student is deemed to have duly registered upon completing the following processes:

  • New Students
  1. Admission registration
  2. Student Finance Registration (Completion of fee payment)
  3. Registration of units    
  • Continuing Students
  1.  Student Finance Registration (Completion of fee payment)
  2. Registration of units    
  • Orientation of new students

The Admissions Section organizes orientation sessions for all new students at the beginning of their programme to enlighten them about the University, support services available, expectations, rules and regulations for students conduct and academic guidelines. All new students are required to attend the orientation programme.

  • Re-admission
  1. Applicants who have deferred their admission for more than two (2) Academic Years, may reapply for admission to their programme and shall be subject to the same requirements applicable at the time of their initial application. The applicant should complete the re-admission form and attach a letter for approval of deferment.  
  2. Students who have been suspended on disciplinary grounds or for examination misconduct shall, upon serving the term of suspension, be required to apply for readmission. Such a student shall be required to have fulfilled all conditions for re-admission stipulated in their suspension letter.