Message From the Director

/Message From the Director
Dr. Michael O. Ngala, PhD. Director, IODeL

Electronic learning empowers learners by giving them self-reliance, independence, and total control of their learning process. This level of flexibility prepares e-learners for high-level responsibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. The institute uses e-Learning platform known as the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). This platform operates within an online environment. Moodle is the most popular system used by institutions of higher learning globally as open-source software. The system has flexibility that allows for customization to include a variety of plugins. It is highly interactive and supports online activities and other inbuilt operations such as group discussion forums, chat rooms, assignments, quizzes, folders, and files, among other capabilities. CUK IODeL has over 300 ODeL students currently registered in various academic programmes. ODeL facilitators are highly qualified and are carefully selected from the mainstream Schools and academic departments. We endeavor to provide 24/7 support to ODeL students and facilitators.