IODeL Vision

A leading provider of technology supported Education and training for sustainable community empowerment.

IODeL Mission

To provide technology-based education, training, research and consultancy in order to produce leaders in the fields of co-operative development, community development, rural transformation, business, applied sciences, information and communication technology for Development.

IODeL Motto

Education at your comfort!

IODeL Strategic Objectives

  1. To expand education access indiscriminately in conformity with Kenya vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goal through ODeL Platforms;
  2. To widen access to Co-operative University of Kenya programmes to the global audience;
  3. Promote international linkages and network through ODeL Platforms;
  4. Enhance customer service and institutional image; and
  5. Explore additional modes of open learning

IODeL Objectives

  1. To create innovative flexible course materials that will be accessed by ODeL learners;
  2. To attract postgraduate students who are in the workforce and are willing to upgrade their educational status while performing their obligational details;
  3. To offer continuous capacity building to facilitators and students;
  4. To continuously increase student enrolments in the ODeL programmes by 20% per year;
  5. To increase the number of digitized programmes; and

To increase access to learning opportunities by providing flexible eLearning mode.